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Environmental paint

Fix Auto is preparing for the future! Since 2006, we have been retrofitting our shops to reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions associated with the use of paints and varnishes. Each Fix Auto location is prepared for the arrival of environmental paint, by completing the training required for its use and its application to auto body repair. Fix Auto is committed to become the first body shop network to go green with environmental paint!

After the body work repairs are complete, the vehicle is ready to be painted. The areas to be painted are first prepared by finely sanding, then primer and corrosion protection products are applied and the areas that won�t be painted are �masked off� and protected. The painter then mixes the paint that will match your vehicle�s finish. A paint code on your vehicle provides the starting point, but generally requires a trained eye to match the paint to your vehicle. Often, paint will require "blending," a technique used to facilitate matching the color of your car. The paint is sprayed inside a spray booth designed to keep dust and other contaminants off the new finish. This of course is all done using environmental friendly paint.

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